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Transgender teenager providing LGBT+ & Political Commentary from different views than seen in mainstream media.

LGBT+ Around the World Presentation

I promise a new piece for this blog is coming out soon! It's all about the controversies surrounding transgender children. All I need is free time and motivation... Anyways, here's a presentation for next week's GSA meeting that I made. It was pretty fun to create, and for once, I made it pretty short! KEYNOTE … Continue reading LGBT+ Around the World Presentation

LGBT+ History Presentation PDF

School break is almost over. ... So you know instead of doing homework, I'm making presentations for my school's GSA! I'm using Keynote for the presentations, and I'll upload this one I just finished as a PDF, so there won't be any effects/transitions/sound. I might upload the full version later. I'm insanely proud of this … Continue reading LGBT+ History Presentation PDF

GAYRHS – Episode 10

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Keep an eye out for new posts soon! Outline   Today’s episode: Introduction Current Events IDAHOT ACP   Current Events Taiwanese laws that prohibit same-sex couples from marrying violate their personal freedom and equal protection, the island's Constitutional Court ruled Wednesday. The justices called sexual orientation an "immutable … Continue reading GAYRHS – Episode 10

Trans People and the AHCA

This is not okay. The AHCA is counting transgender identity as a pre-existing condition, making trans related surgeries not covered under insurance. And that is inhumane. One, they use the term 'transsexualism', which is inaccurate. Transgender identity is not related to sexual orientation. My sexual orientation is no way related to my gender identity. Transsexualism/Transgenderism … Continue reading Trans People and the AHCA