GAYRHS – Episode 8

Just realized I never uploaded this. Oops! I go really fast, so I'm providing my script. Marriage Equality From Amnesty International: “Amnesty International believes that all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, should be able to enjoy their human rights. Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not explicitly mention sexual … Continue reading GAYRHS – Episode 8

No, You Didn’t Know They Were Queer.

Barry Manilow officially came out today at the age of 73, and like most people, when I saw his name trending on Twitter, I assumed he died. Nope! I'm super happy for him that he has come out and reveals he's been with the same partner for 39 years. Ordinarily, when a celebrity comes out, … Continue reading No, You Didn’t Know They Were Queer.

A (Not So) Quick Guide to Pronouns

As I mentioned in my radio show, pronouns can be tricky. Especially non-binary* pronouns. So I'm making a quick guide on how to use these pronouns, correct misgendering mistakes, and why pronouns are so important to people. First, read this article by Merriam Webster explaining the singular they pronoun. I just want to start this … Continue reading A (Not So) Quick Guide to Pronouns