1000 Days on Testosterone

Sorry it’s been awhile. Again.

I just finished my Junior year of high school. It’s crazy to think that I’m a senior now. Life’s been hectic. Between school, work, and trying to get in shape and work on my mental health, this blog has been neglected, unfortunately.

And to top it all off, I got a notification that today was my 1000 Days on HRT and I didn’t prepare anything. Sigh.

Well, I’m going to try my best to recap this all.

I started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on September 25th, 2015. I was 14 years old, I’d been out for almost a year by then, and I was on progesterone for about six months beforehand. My first t-shot was one of the most life-changing moments in my life. I felt like I could physically feel the testosterone go through my veins. And I was convinced my voice had already dropped a few days later. Oh, how naïve, young Eli.

Here I am during my first t-shot, literally with the needle still in my thigh:


As the weeks progressed, the changes became more noticeable. One of the first things I noticed was the growth of my Adam’s apple. It’s still not visible, nor will it probably ever be, as I’m chubby and I have a very thick neck, but I can feel it now. I used to have people grab my throat and find it. Yikes.

A bunch of other changes happened (weight gain, fat redistribution, growth, etc), but the two most notable for me was the voice drop and the hair growth.

My voice pre-T was pretty high pitched, around the Soprano II range. 1000 days of injections later, I’m a low tenor. It’s pretty great. I still get voice cracks occasionally, but I’ve been taking vocal lessons for 3+ years now to sound more natural. I made a quick video after messing around with iMovie that shows the voice drop (I was unable to find any of the middle of the changes, since it all got lost when I got a new phone).



Next topic: hair. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been rockin’ a pretty sweet neckbeard. I wish it actually grew on my face. Hopefully one day. Here’s a progression of my facial hair:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the hair that I didn’t care too much for also grew in: body hair. I love the leg hair and the happy trail, but that’s pretty much it. When I say it grew everywhere, I mean, it grew everywhere.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, now that I’ve shown way too much, it’s time to end this post. Thanks for sticking along with me, and I can’t wait to see what changes have yet to come (looking at you, weight loss).

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