It’s Been Awhile… (Part 2)

Oops. Sorry I’ve neglected this blog for months now. It’s time to get back on track.

These past few months have been absolutely insane. I hit my three year manniversary, I got my driver’s license, I got my braces off (after 5 years!), etc. I can’t even think of everything off the top of my head.

The most pressing thing, however, has been college.

Dun, Dun, DUN!!!

I’ve decided on a major in Communications, and hopefully a minor in Political Science. My top choice is Emerson College in Boston, as I love the program and the campus, and the distance. My brother is off ~7 hours away for school, and I don’t think my parents could handle me being that far.

I cannot believe that I’ve reached this stage in my life. I remember, I used to think I wouldn’t even make it past my (then) Bat Mitzvah, but here I am. In the year 2018 (or 5778, depending on which of my relatives reads this), working to make my life the best in can be.

I’m currently working on losing all of the testosterone weight I gained, bringing my GPA up, focusing on building on my resume, all while maintaining my job at Wegmans, which I’ve had for nearly a year now. I’ve also been planning more blog posts and keeping up with my radio show at school.

I’m going to be honest: I’m overwhelmed. I’ve had quite a few mental breakdown style panic attacks the past few months. The mere mention of college is enough to send me into a crazy frenzy, researching ways to get into my top choice. And I need to learn to set myself up for failure.

But to end this on a happier note: I have a wonderful promposal planned for one of my best friends. She doesn’t know what’s coming (Side observation: prom starts the day before my birthday. I’m going to prom as a 16 year old and coming home as a 17 year old. I am truly the Dancing Queen from ABBA).

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