Trans People and the AHCA


This is not okay.

The AHCA is counting transgender identity as a pre-existing condition, making trans related surgeries not covered under insurance. And that is inhumane.

One, they use the term ‘transsexualism’, which is inaccurate. Transgender identity is not related to sexual orientation. My sexual orientation is no way related to my gender identity. Transsexualism/Transgenderism is typically used by transphobes as a term to ‘promote the transgender agenda’, which I’m assuming is the gay agenda but involves infiltrating bathrooms. And that is plain transphobia. The medical term for transgender identity is gender dysphoria. It is not an agenda to ruin your life. It is a medically proven condition in which someone’s gender identity does not line up with their biological sex (read more here for a cool take on the science behind trans identity.)

Two, transgender people may need to transition medically. It can be a life or death situation. Dysphoria is excruciatingly painful, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I wrote about my dysphoria here and that was barely scratching the surface on how dysphoria feels. Some trans people don’t medically transition, and that’s their choice. But for most of us, medically transitioning is life saving. Taking testosterone and having top surgery saved my life.

Not allowing trans people to medically transition will harm trans people in ways cis people can’t even begin to imagine. Transgender people don’t choose to be trans. I didn’t choose this. I try to find the positives in my situation of course and portray it in a positive light, but I would never choose this. It’s painful and hard and I have trouble looking in the mirror most days. And I’m one of the lucky ones.

With this plan, trans people won’t be able to have coverage on their medical transition. And because of discrimination (and the new discrimination law President Trump is reportedly signing soon will only help fuel the fire), trans people have a lot of trouble getting jobs, and therefore can’t afford health insurance on their own.

It doesn’t matter your stance on health insurance, whether it’s a right or not, or whether the government should be involved in health care or not. The ACA had faults. But this? This plan is pure evil. It doesn’t just target trans people, but if you look at this list, you’ll see what’s counted as a pre-existing condition. It doesn’t mention it here, but domestic/sexual abuse victims will also be counted as existing conditions. This health plan only benefits insurance companies, and not the best interest of the people.

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