Living binder free

As of me writing this post, it has been 39 days since my top surgery, and I just wanted to give a quick update on my chest. Here are some pictures from 7 day post op, 12 days post op, and 25 days post op:

As you can probably see in the second picture, the scar tissue is currently kind of flabby, but that should go away eventually. You can’t see in the photos, but the chest hair they shaved off has fully grown back in. Also, my scars are very red but they seem fine to me. I’m going to start putting Vitamin E oil on them and on May 13th, the surgeon may give me silicone scar treatment.

I haven’t been wearing the post op binder (like, at all), but I seem to be doing fine without it. I had a gender appointment yesterday and my doctor said everything looked amazing.

As for pain, I had almost no pain from the surgery itself, which I’ve heard is extremely common, and people complaining of pain is almost nonexistent. The only real pain I had in the first 2 weeks post op was from the drains. Now, when I have pain, it’s in the nipple area and it feels like blood is swelling up and it really hurts. It tends to go away if I apply pressure on the area. Those pains don’t really happen anymore.

Now that I don’t wear a binder, everything has changed. I can wear clothes I couldn’t before (either didn’t fit with my binder or just looked awful with the binder), I can breathe (I keep accidentally choking because I forgot how much lung capacity I have), and I can exercise. I gained a lot of weight because of testosterone and I couldn’t exercise, which led to a minor weight problem. Now that I can exercise (and the weather is great), I’ve lost about ten pounds already, and I’m aiming for more. My goal is to lose 25 pounds before summer ends (it’s been so much easier to lose weight, I know it has something to do with testosterone but I don’t know what specifically).

My favorite thing to do now is just walk shirtless around my house. I did that before, I just tended to scar my family for life. Now I do it with no shame and it feels absolutely amazing. Top surgery has definitely made me a happier, carefree person.

To end this off, I’m going to include a picture of me with Dr. Norman Spack, the man who brought trans healthcare to America and helped me get my top surgery by helping fight the insurance who denied me it. Thank you, Dr. Spack, for all that you do.

Me and Dr. Norman Spack – 4/22/16 in the GeMS Clinic in Boston, MA

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