First Post

Hey, I’m Eli. You probably know that already. I’m not too great at writing, but I’ve been told I should share my story with others. So why not give it a shot?

I knew all my life I was a boy. When I was 5, I looked in a mirror and asked my mom why I looked like a girl. It’s been hinted all of my life I was a boy. I didn’t know I was trans until I was 13.

How you ask? I didn’t know you could transition. I never saw it on the TV or in books. I assumed I was broken. Everyone assumed I was a butch lesbian.

I came out to my (Jewish) parents on December 24th, 2014. I came out of pure anger. Hearing my birth name and female honorifics on top of an already shitty day threw me over the edge. I was greeted with open (albeit confused) arms, and since then, my transition has taken off.

I started progesterone in March of 2015 as period blockers. I was too late for puberty blockers. I started testosterone September 25th, 2015. As of this post, I’m two weeks on T.

I’m going to update this accordingly, from important events to just a quick check in.

Until next time,

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