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The Cohen Report – 12/06/2018

This week's episode talks about George H. W. Bush, a bipartisan effort among US Senators to get justice for Jamal Kashoggi, and possible voter fraud in North Carolina. Feel free to tune in every Thursday at 2:00 at! Who was George H. W. Bush? Information thanks to -Born in Milton, Massachusetts, on June … Continue reading The Cohen Report – 12/06/2018

The Cohen Report – 11/29/2018

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, pleads guilty to lying to Congress about Moscow project Article by the Washington Post President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty Thursday in New York to lying to Congress about a Moscow real estate project that Trump and his company pursued at the same time he was running … Continue reading The Cohen Report – 11/29/2018

The Cohen Report – 10/25/2018

This week's episode of The Cohen Report is about the bomb threats sent to outspoken Trump critics, with a little reading of my Vote Yes on 3 piece at the end! Script below. Bombings What Happened? (CNN) Six explosive devices were sent to leaders of the Democratic Party, including two former Presidents, and to CNN … Continue reading The Cohen Report – 10/25/2018

The Cohen Report – Brett Kavanaugh

First real episode of my new radio show. Sorry for all the interruptions from the school announcements! Recorded on 10/11/2018 Script Below: Who Is Brett Kavanaugh? Information thanks to Business Insider Brett Kavanaugh was born Feb. 12, 1965, in Washington, DC. He attended Georgetown Preparatory School, an all-boys school in Rockville, Maryland. He was staff … Continue reading The Cohen Report – Brett Kavanaugh

Goodbye ‘GAYRHS’, Hello ‘The Cohen Report’

GAYRHS has been an incredible radio show I've hosted at my high school for the past year, but it's finally time to say goodbye. I want to shift away from a full on LGBT+ talk show, even though I enjoyed it - I was just running out of topics, honestly. So this is the first … Continue reading Goodbye ‘GAYRHS’, Hello ‘The Cohen Report’

Congregation B’Nai Shalom – Yes On 3 Speech

This is the speech I gave tonight, 9/23/18, at Congregation B'Nai Shalom. Video to follow shortly. Hello, my name is Elijah Cohen-Gordon. I’m a senior at Algonquin Regional High School. Right now, all my focus should be on my college applications. Unfortunately, I have a lot of my attention focused right now on something most … Continue reading Congregation B’Nai Shalom – Yes On 3 Speech

The Complex Issue of Childhood Transition

CW: Transphobia, mentions of self-harm “On Thursday afternoon, conservative celebrity Ben Shapiro used the main stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, to criticize the notion of transgender identity. ‘You don’t get to tell little boys that they can become little girls,’ he said with audible relish.” This quote from Newsweek … Continue reading The Complex Issue of Childhood Transition